Monday, February 14, 2005

I think it's great that the baby is returning to its rightful parents. But, it's sad that eight other couples claimed Abilash also as their own. This tells me that there are so many people and parents that lost loved ones and children. Also, it's the other way around too. Statistics show that 1,079 children have lost both parents and about 3,700 children have lost at least one of their parents. In Sri Lanka, out of the 35,000 people that parished, 12,000 of them were children. That's about one third! That to me is overwhelming. Abilash is a very lucky baby to be back with his rightful parnets again. His parents were the only ones to file a formal case to keep the baby, but the records got washed away by the flood. The thought of losing their son made them very sad and even suicidal. They received lots of counseling and were even arrested for wanting to take their son out of the hospital. The reason why they were arrested was because the court wouldn't let them take the baby yet because no DNA had yet proven that the baby did of course belong to them. But, all is done and everything is exactly how it should be. Hopefully, there will be more amazing stories like this in the days to come.

Baby 81

Because of the tsunami that took place in Sri Lanka and other areas around that region, it claimed the lives of many people of all different ages. Fortunately, a four month old baby miraculously survived and will be reunited with his family tomorrow, February 15. The baby, whose name is Abilash, was found near the coastal shores of Kalmunai. He is nicknamed baby 81 because he was the 81st admission at the hospital the day that he arrived.